Failing Already??

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See this is why I hate new year resolutions. It is like to create your own course to give an exam, decide the questions and still fail.

So lets talk about what are the few goals I kept for myself till 28th Jan.

Why 28th? Special occasion in the family so well – ok ok I just needed a random date.
So my checklist

  1. No rice
  2. Sorghum or new quinoa or Jowar Roti at Night
  3. Warm water with lemon/cinnamon in the morning
  4. No red Meat
  5. 30 min exercise
  6. Kapalbhati (Yoga) for 100 counts every day
  7. dinner by 9 PM
  8. Sleep by 11:30 PM
  9. No alcohol at home
  10. No sweet
  11. No ice-cream

OK, I guess I like lists because I just realised that while I didn’t do 4 out of 11 things everyday, I still for this ONE wk did 7 out of 11.

7 out of 11

I PASSED! so breathe breathe.

I will take my weight on Monday and then we will talk. But let me just celebrate for a min! pexels-photo-214574.jpeg



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