Wins and Losses


We are crossing 10th Jan and well, its not a smooth sail so far – some losses but mostly wins.

Lets look at my list again

  1. No rice
  2. Sorghum or new quinoa or Jowar Roti at Night
  3. Warm water with lemon/cinnamon in the morning
  4. No red Meat
  5. 30 min exercise
  6. Kapalbhati (Yoga) for 100 counts every day
  7. dinner by 9 PM
  8. Sleep by 11:30 PM
  9. No alcohol at home
  10. No sweet
  11. No ice-cream

SO 8 out of 11. NOT BAD EH!!

Its 1 up from Last wk. BUT, I still haven’t started with Kapalbhaati. Also, whatever happened to 30 min exercise.

OK MINI Goal trow – get that Goal no 6 in my pocket.

I Can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

I can, right?

Have you had this feeling – like you know something is really good for you and you must do it and its only positive, nothing bad can come from it, and YET, you don’t do it!

Is it laziness? I don’t know what it is but whatever it is – I have it.

So I will conquer the monster.

Will update the universe of my status.

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