I stopped – What the F!!

How is that some people continue to be fit and keep that focus consistently and I can’t.

I knew this guy – and what fascinated me about him was how focussed he was on his health among other things. How do you do that? Why the f*** can I not do that ?

This neighbour of mine goes to gym for 1.5 hrs from 7-8:30 AM.

All I want to do is sleep for 6-7 hrs cuz the whole day I work and slog and deal with stress

But lets make a new list – cuz you know I stick to lists.

  1. Walk 30 min every day
  2. do kapalbhaati – for tummy every day 200 counts
  3. no rice
  4. no red meat
  5. drink infused water
  6. no late night binging
  7. dance for 15 min every day
  8. Take breaks from work at least 3 times.

Till when?

4th May

How much weight do I aim to lose – 3 kgs

How many days is that? 50

Why am i writing as if I am asking questions? NO CLUE!


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