I stopped – What the F!!

How is that some people continue to be fit and keep that focus consistently and I can’t.

I knew this guy – and what fascinated me about him was how focussed he was on his health among other things. How do you do that? Why the f*** can I not do that ?

This neighbour of mine goes to gym for 1.5 hrs from 7-8:30 AM.

All I want to do is sleep for 6-7 hrs cuz the whole day I work and slog and deal with stress

But lets make a new list – cuz you know I stick to lists.

  1. Walk 30 min every day
  2. do kapalbhaati – for tummy every day 200 counts
  3. no rice
  4. no red meat
  5. drink infused water
  6. no late night binging
  7. dance for 15 min every day
  8. Take breaks from work at least 3 times.

Till when?

4th May

How much weight do I aim to lose – 3 kgs

How many days is that? 50

Why am i writing as if I am asking questions? NO CLUE!




No, I don’t dance like that! In fact, in my head also I don’t dance like that – thats how realistic I am.

Actually, let me go back a bit – when I dance – in my head – I am amazing (not ballet dance amazing) but I think I am doing a step and here is what it will look like


and here is how it really looks.


THAT’S It! thats what I wanted to share.

And by the way, I am down 400 g because of that dance. HOW ABOUT THAT!

Wins and Losses


We are crossing 10th Jan and well, its not a smooth sail so far – some losses but mostly wins.

Lets look at my list again

  1. No rice
  2. Sorghum or new quinoa or Jowar Roti at Night
  3. Warm water with lemon/cinnamon in the morning
  4. No red Meat
  5. 30 min exercise
  6. Kapalbhati (Yoga) for 100 counts every day
  7. dinner by 9 PM
  8. Sleep by 11:30 PM
  9. No alcohol at home
  10. No sweet
  11. No ice-cream

SO 8 out of 11. NOT BAD EH!!

Its 1 up from Last wk. BUT, I still haven’t started with Kapalbhaati. Also, whatever happened to 30 min exercise.

OK MINI Goal trow – get that Goal no 6 in my pocket.

I Can do it, I can do it, I can do it!

I can, right?

Have you had this feeling – like you know something is really good for you and you must do it and its only positive, nothing bad can come from it, and YET, you don’t do it!

Is it laziness? I don’t know what it is but whatever it is – I have it.

So I will conquer the monster.

Will update the universe of my status.

Drum Rolls Please

I LOST 1 kg! That list actually helped me lose 1 kg and I am so so proud of myself.

I know I know I am still 119 kgs but C’mon! 1 kg in a wk – not a bad start.

I also know it would be much slower later but hey, I need to celebrate the small wins – I have not eaten rice, not given in to yum midnight treats, no chocolates, no deserts – for a wk now and I survived. I got up on the weighing scale this morning and voila!!


So yes I want drum rolls pexels-photo-173292.jpeg

And best of luck to me, just 3 more wks!



Failing Already??

Asset 1-100

See this is why I hate new year resolutions. It is like to create your own course to give an exam, decide the questions and still fail.

So lets talk about what are the few goals I kept for myself till 28th Jan.

Why 28th? Special occasion in the family so well – ok ok I just needed a random date.
So my checklist

  1. No rice
  2. Sorghum or new quinoa or Jowar Roti at Night
  3. Warm water with lemon/cinnamon in the morning
  4. No red Meat
  5. 30 min exercise
  6. Kapalbhati (Yoga) for 100 counts every day
  7. dinner by 9 PM
  8. Sleep by 11:30 PM
  9. No alcohol at home
  10. No sweet
  11. No ice-cream

OK, I guess I like lists because I just realised that while I didn’t do 4 out of 11 things everyday, I still for this ONE wk did 7 out of 11.

7 out of 11

I PASSED! so breathe breathe.

I will take my weight on Monday and then we will talk. But let me just celebrate for a min! pexels-photo-214574.jpeg



The Journey Begins…




There I said it – for all those who think fat people like being fat, I am clearing that misunderstanding right now. I HATE BEING FAT!

Ofcourse you think we like it, why else would you come up to me and tell me that its not good to be fat. Every time you express shock, I want to sit on you and crush you to death – the weight has some advantages.

But NO, I don’t hate being fat because I have confidence issues or that I care about what you think of me. I hate it because I am in my thirties and I am scared that my health might be in danger and I have to NOT DIE.

Let me give you a little perspective here – I am one of the most confident people you would ever meet – I am intelligent, sensible, sensitive, do phenomenally well under pressure and have laser focus. Most people really like me because I am invested in them and I am a lot of fun. BUT – I am very very fat. So naturally, the first thing you notice about me is my weight. Many people who see me after a long time remind me of how fat I have gotten, many scold me for getting fat and yes, many many make fun of me.

I can’t deny that I haven’t cried a few nights but 99% of the time – I couldn’t care less.

What is the most surprising thing to me is that while I achieve what I put my mind to, somehow weight loss has been difficult. I almost always cheat.

I have very unhealthy food habits and I hardly exercise.

The reason I am putting this site up is because this time around I HAVE TO BECOME FIT! Whatever it takes – WHATEVER!

I am 120 kgs and 5 feet in height – I am morbidly obese, have no medical problems as yet and if I don’t become fit, I may DIE.

So here is my challenge to me – lose 30 Kgs in 12 months but with the single GOAL of being FIT which means no crash diets, no mindless exercise.

Want to join me in this marathon run? Lets do it.