The Journey Begins…




There I said it – for all those who think fat people like being fat, I am clearing that misunderstanding right now. I HATE BEING FAT!

Ofcourse you think we like it, why else would you come up to me and tell me that its not good to be fat. Every time you express shock, I want to sit on you and crush you to death – the weight has some advantages.

But NO, I don’t hate being fat because I have confidence issues or that I care about what you think of me. I hate it because I am in my thirties and I am scared that my health might be in danger and I have to NOT DIE.

Let me give you a little perspective here – I am one of the most confident people you would ever meet – I am intelligent, sensible, sensitive, do phenomenally well under pressure and have laser focus. Most people really like me because I am invested in them and I am a lot of fun. BUT – I am very very fat. So naturally, the first thing you notice about me is my weight. Many people who see me after a long time remind me of how fat I have gotten, many scold me for getting fat and yes, many many make fun of me.

I can’t deny that I haven’t cried a few nights but 99% of the time – I couldn’t care less.

What is the most surprising thing to me is that while I achieve what I put my mind to, somehow weight loss has been difficult. I almost always cheat.

I have very unhealthy food habits and I hardly exercise.

The reason I am putting this site up is because this time around I HAVE TO BECOME FIT! Whatever it takes – WHATEVER!

I am 120 kgs and 5 feet in height – I am morbidly obese, have no medical problems as yet and if I don’t become fit, I may DIE.

So here is my challenge to me – lose 30 Kgs in 12 months but with the single GOAL of being FIT which means no crash diets, no mindless exercise.

Want to join me in this marathon run? Lets do it.